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    Crystal E

    Thanks to each of you for letting us know about these errors!

    Ronald - What you describe sounds like a bug which can occur on our mobile apps. Our tech team is working on an update which should resolve this issue! In the meantime, when this happens, closing the music player and re-launching a channel should get the music started again.

    AccuRadio on Android
    AccuRadio on iOS


    Karin - If AccuRadio suddenly stops playing when you're listening on our website, the troubleshooting steps in this article may help:

    Playback Stops / Channel Stuck Loading


    Please let us know if you have any other questions we can help with.


    Thanks for your patience, and for listening!

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    Karin Lawrence

    Accuradio keeps stopping.

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    delcour pierre

    I got that issue in some alternative browser (vivaldi & opera - both based on chromium) some time ago (i don't have it since fews month now).

    In my case, the main issue was provoked by adblockers plugin (i think).

    On Opera, there was a pause of 1~3 seconds before the next track was played
    On Vivaldi, the next song was never played, i had to refresh the page.

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    Crystal E

    You're right, adblockers interfere with playback on our service. It's best to either turn them off, or add AccuRadio to the whitelist (the list of sites allowed to deliver ads). And unfortunately, there are ongoing issues with Opera when it's used on a Windows computer. It's best to use a different browser. We recommend Firefox or Chrome, but Vivaldi is usually a good choice.

    If clearing your cache, as described in the "Playback Stops" article linked above, doesn't resolve the issue, it may be worthwhile to send us a bug report.

    Thanks, and please let us know if you have any other questions!

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